Vegan Barbecue Desserts

My first vegan barbecue dessert recipe - boozy rotisserie pineapple

So here we have it: vegan barbecue desserts. As much as savoury food dominates the barbecue world, you can’t have a good barbecue party without some sweet barbecue treats. This section has so far proved a lot trickier for me to write so far seeing as I have savoury tooth, but I’ve managed to make the odd dessert or two that even I enjoy!

Fruit is a fantastic starting point for a good barbecue dessert – not only is the fruit flavour elevated by cooking it on the barbecue, but it’s also still healthy! As you probably know, fruit is also fantastic when combined with alcohol and really helps to bring those chilled out summery vibes: fruit, alcohol and charcoal really are the holy trinity of sweets in summer!

Of course I couldn’t completely neglect chocolate; although it’s not really my thing, my mum and sister would kill me if I didn’t make them a chocolatey dessert every now and again! Chocolate can also prove a little trickier, as it is very easy to burn. This is why my chocolate dessert recipes are still very much a work in progress – sorry!

Anyway, here are my first vegan barbecue desserts recipes – fear not there will be more on the way soon! Below I’ve also included a couple of hints and tips from my ventures into cooking barbecue desserts so far.

Solo Build It!

Vegan barbecue dessert recipes

Boozy Rotisserie Pineapple with Coconut Ice Cream

smoking fruit

It may surprise you to hear that smoking fruit can actually work quite well! However, it’s important to choose the right sort of wood chips so that the smoke complements the fruit that you’re cooking. Unsurprisingly, fruit wood chips usually work the best: most commonly found is apple wood chips, but peach and pear chips can also work well with a variety of fruit. Interestingly, somebody recently told me that hickory chips work well for smoking peaches, but I'm yet to try that one!

Saying that, even if you’re not sure about a fruit and wood chip combination, just try it out – it could be amazing (and if it is please let me know!).

Wood chips can be used to enhance fruit flavours on the barbeue

Keeping it simple

One of the fantastic things about cooking on a barbecue is the unique flavours that you can produce and the way that simple ingredients can be enhanced. If you use good quality base ingredients, then the charcoal smoke really showcases those simple flavours, which is especially true for fruit. For that reason, I believe it’s really important to not overcomplicate your sweet barbecue treats, so that every flavour has its purpose and so that the charcoal really makes a difference.

As I experiment more and create more recipes I’ll have more hints and tips for you, but for now that’s it – I hope that’s enough for you to make a start on cooking some vegan barbecue desserts!

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